Delightful festival of lights in which we not only ignite the crackers but also the fights and wrangle between two..
Illuminating our home and disguising ourselves with ethnicity for at least that one day…
Warm greetings from our friends and family and of course the sweets which be the reason to go and visit our neighbours.
Acting like a kid for the laddoos and the money from grandma what make us feel like a king of that day..
Lightening the city with crackers and tuning bulbs, taking hundreds of pictures and finally deciding the one worth posting as kurta is not a dress we wore everyday…
Impavid in burning crackers but timid in leaving home after this festive vacation…

Wish you all and your family a very happy and safe diwali…
May all your wishes come true except of burning the house of your adversary and stealing each and every chocolate box of diwali you see….
Don’t forget to change your DP,
Don’t forget to eat more than you can,
Don’t forget to send your crush the ugly kurta pic with a Cadbury…
And please don’t forget to wish each and everyone of us …
Make this diwali the best you ever had…


My momentary moment

Not so long ago I had what I am going to tell;

The tale of the moment I was supposed to fell;

The loud came to an end and every one left,

The darkness was swollowing the room and I heard a gasp;

There she was a common friend sitting next to the window

Its not like I never spoke to her before, she was like a fresco of light and shadow;

She broke the ice and asked me how was the life and rush,

I dont really remember what I said, but It somewhat starts with ‘nothing much’;

Now the conversation had made its way

We talked about career, her forhead scar, and things she crave;

After a brief laugh, the silence again shows his dominance.

and I can’t move my eyes as I was lost in her glimpse;

For the first time ever, I looked at a face like I did that day,

Her eyelashes were sieving the moonlight, and I was drowning in her deep brown eyes and I dont know what to say;

Her skin was shining like the wings of a butterfly;

The wine in the bottle made its way into the air and I dont know how to comply…

During an ongoing debate between me and my mind I stood up and asked if she would like to dance.

She smiled at me, gave me her hand and put me into a trance;

The tune was not important so I played a random song,

We leaned on each other, she put her feet on mine, wasn’t uncertain for me…

We walked for sometime, staring at each others eyes without a blink…

Suddenly, we were closer than ever before, our noses have crossed each other, and about to happen something…

Days after that night when I recall what happened next;

Then and there my moment rest…

I drank a glass of saline water but didn’t know why it gave me the taste of sugar in it…

I drank and I drank…

Later I came to realise that the water I was drinking was never saline but was sweet though I made it tasteless by predetermining the taste…

Again, I came to realize that it was never the water that had taste but it was me travelling from sea to the farmland of sugercane…

Now, finally I have came to realize that I have never had any glass of water, I dropped it the day I determined the taste before even drinking the whole of it.


Why do you make me feel like a sun in the night?

Why do I always need to gaze at the moon in the bright?

Why do I feel so lonely even in this light?

Even though I am loquacious, I now most of the time be quite

The helpless heart has brought me here and left me with a vague sight

That one suppressed spark that is there in the heart now makes me feel more excite

But you know, I want to take this flight as this seems to me the only delight

I promise I won’t exploit nor will I deprive you from anything, instead I will have your soul everyday for me to indite

I have tried to be erudite in my last fortnight

But now I just want to ask you

Will it be alright?

Will we be alright?


My life has always played its role where I have always been unknown of my own role in life

I met many stars in this milky way of mine

Traveled about quarter of my solar system

I found out places where I can stop and rest

But the place where I can settle is yet to be found

Sometimes travelling is hard as it brings me closer to the sun whose heat melts my heart to cry

So, it’s important to stop near the moon and appear as a whole of myself

Don’t know where I’ll find my destiny

Don’t know where I’ll settle

Don’t know what will be better or my best

Maybe I am unaware of breathing despite of being on a cosmos full of oxygen

Or, my planet is still a mystery

Don’t know

where I am going

Don’t know

where will I go

Become a rainbow 🌈

I will grab this dark night
I will hold this cold moon
This bitter difference between day and night
I’ll twist the bent
I have had such an enmity with you
That I didn’t remain like myself

Though I had someone in myself that didn’t resemble me but truly assembled me

I spent the days in extracting the lights out of my life

And spent the nights in search of a light that could recoup my life

I burned myself again and again to become a gold and rain

I rained and rained as much as I could

Light was nowhere, also the darkness disappeared

Then the rainbow appeared 💙