What if they were never really there.

What if you were not alone, but lonely.

What if you were insomniac when every time you had that dream.

What if you were dominating yourself while gaining the submiss.

While writing for others, you figured out your dead soul has written something undying for yourself.

Do you even know the difference between laughing and crying?

Did you find the key you were searching?

They have left nothing, but a big zero for you.

You have to understand it, the zero you see is a big circle depicting the labyrinth you are trapped in.

You have to cut it, you have to make your way out.

The zero will be your Garland, your wheel towards your wholeness, accept it and make it yours.

You might forget laughing, but you will learn to smile perfectly.

You will keep your head down, but will be able to see the right road for you.

The pain will smile, the scars will shine, you might cry, but it will heal you.

Bliss to the soul who faked

And those who remained

Running away from so many mirrors brought me here; here in the middle of the ocean.

Standing naked and alone.

Each and every part of my body was tattooed;

Some depict the harsh truth and some are the sweetest of lies I had woven inside myself.

No water, not even the tidal wave can make it disappear.

The story that is unsaid, the story that speaks itself every second inside my ear.

The story of the tears that brought me here empty handed with a body naked and full of scars.

I thought my tears went far away from myself making my words free from the undulations.

Which made people to twitch

That made me see the rear of everything and everyone.

Lately I realized, the saltiness of the ocean is about something else, It tasted familiar, as if someone had merged the whole soul in it.

These many years, my eyes carried the heavy water considering the ocean to be the most dominating surrounding.

And the ocean was full of tears bursting the tsunami inside every day and night.

I did, I am the one who created the ocean.

I thought the tears were gone, but that was only an illusion.

I thought that I lived in the middle of the ocean when I was drowning in my own tears.


I found my girl,

I found my girl wearing burqa.

Not the real garment, but the one that we cannot see.

It was black;

So black that I could not even see her scars.

It was difficult to see, but was not that difficult to feel.

When I started drawing myself into her body I felt something,

My chalk stopped while passing from the lacerations of her.

That was the first time I felt her body

She was beautiful

She hid her body;

Because she thought she was drowned in the drought,

Because she thinks the fools who themselves never got accepted in the society were not going to accept her.

It was uneasy for her to open the black cloths.

She was raped, she was denounced.

But she wasn’t buried, she was there in front of me, alive and beautiful.

Dieing to get loved,

Wanting someone to come and read her without letting her speak anything.

Every bride wants to get tattooed on her wedding ocasion but she just wanted to get married with the right person and remove her fake permanent tattoos.

The place where people are marrying their money to someone’s virginity, I knew someone would have to get up and struggle for the good.

Why everything has became so conditional.

Why people and relationships are so conditional.

Who knows what is perfect and why should we know the meaning of perfect.

Imperfection is not the scars, but the cloths that hide that.

Perfection is not the virginity, but the eyes that spurn that.

Make me child again

Oh! This pressure

Why can’t i do what i want

Why is this rope of experience and intelligence tied on my neck.

Childhood was such a beauty, we did mistakes with no responsibility.

Why can’t i make mistakes again

Why do i think so much before expressing my honesty in front of you. What is wrong in this?

Why can’t i say your smile is the most beautiful thing i see everyday.

Why can’t i say your eyes are something i wanna fall into and never come out.

Why can’t i say i wanna kiss you whenever i stare at your lips.

Why can’t i say i wanna hug you tightly whenever you feel sad.

I wanna open up everything in front of you.

I want to show you each and every scar of mine.

But don’t know why there is this fear inside me.

Why someone fear from saying the truth or maybe honesty is not the best policy.

I wanna say you i love you but don’t know how to do this as i am tied with these experienced and intellectual tags.

I want to hold your hand and give you the greatest possible pleasure.

But how? Maybe i am too grown up, i wanna be child again.

Just for that one little phase when i express myself out.

Make me child again…

Make me child again…

Now I know

How can I forget the sound of my howl when I was all alone in the desert and dying of my thirst

At least I got some tears for good, I had nothing to drink.

How can I forget those fights and the pain I endured

At least I got to know about my unforeseeable and undying character.

Why I am not able to see my home after such a long barefoot walk

At least the long trudge gave me the capacity to move alone and enjoy my own company.

How can I forget those failures of mine, when I was led down by my own self and bruised

At least now I know that my back is the only back I can rely on

People come and talk to you whenever they are in the mood not because of love they have for you

At least now I know that even love isn’t eternal, love is nothing but a moment, a moment of peace; which depends on the psychology of people.

Don’t give anyone else this privilege to control your psychology.

Keep working, keep moving.

Try again, fail again, fail better.

Everything happens just to make you aware of everything.


Delightful festival of lights in which we not only ignite the crackers but also the fights and wrangle between two..
Illuminating our home and disguising ourselves with ethnicity for at least that one day…
Warm greetings from our friends and family and of course the sweets which be the reason to go and visit our neighbours.
Acting like a kid for the laddoos and the money from grandma what make us feel like a king of that day..
Lightening the city with crackers and tuning bulbs, taking hundreds of pictures and finally deciding the one worth posting as kurta is not a dress we wore everyday…
Impavid in burning crackers but timid in leaving home after this festive vacation…

Wish you all and your family a very happy and safe diwali…
May all your wishes come true except of burning the house of your adversary and stealing each and every chocolate box of diwali you see….
Don’t forget to change your DP,
Don’t forget to eat more than you can,
Don’t forget to send your crush the ugly kurta pic with a Cadbury…
And please don’t forget to wish each and everyone of us …
Make this diwali the best you ever had…

My momentary moment

Not so long ago I had what I am going to tell;

The tale of the moment I was supposed to fell;

The loud came to an end and every one left,

The darkness was swollowing the room and I heard a gasp;

There she was a common friend sitting next to the window

Its not like I never spoke to her before, she was like a fresco of light and shadow;

She broke the ice and asked me how was the life and rush,

I dont really remember what I said, but It somewhat starts with ‘nothing much’;

Now the conversation had made its way

We talked about career, her forhead scar, and things she crave;

After a brief laugh, the silence again shows his dominance.

and I can’t move my eyes as I was lost in her glimpse;

For the first time ever, I looked at a face like I did that day,

Her eyelashes were sieving the moonlight, and I was drowning in her deep brown eyes and I dont know what to say;

Her skin was shining like the wings of a butterfly;

The wine in the bottle made its way into the air and I dont know how to comply…

During an ongoing debate between me and my mind I stood up and asked if she would like to dance.

She smiled at me, gave me her hand and put me into a trance;

The tune was not important so I played a random song,

We leaned on each other, she put her feet on mine, wasn’t uncertain for me…

We walked for sometime, staring at each others eyes without a blink…

Suddenly, we were closer than ever before, our noses have crossed each other, and about to happen something…

Days after that night when I recall what happened next;

Then and there my moment rest…