Happy 72nd Independence Day

The one who dedicated their lives for the soil of the nation.

The one who became the soil of the nation.

The one who extended the barrier and doffed her veil to lift a sword and took her last breath on 18th June 1857.

The one who accepted death as his bride and wore the halter as a garland.

The one who shows this world the violence of non-violence and the importance of soil and salt.

The soil where the blood shred

The land where the body freed

The future where we all head


It’s all because of those charismatic characters who upheld the flag.

Let’s not squander their perspiration…




He never understood me!

He never understood me!

He always woke me up early to study in the cold while I was comfortable in the warm as he banked fires blaze at night.

I would slowly rise and dress, fearing his anger.

He scolded me for the fist fight I never started.

He dived under the water to find the pearl when I choose to see the coral.

His austere simplicity used to embarrass me sometimes as I use to be so dressed up and he was happy with the good for nothing.

He sometimes told me a lie of not having money whenever I needed a new toy, he always had it whenever my tuition teacher asked him.

The ocean was alluring but I told him to show me the lake.

I asked for the water and he splintered the clouds to rain.

Now, I have everything: friends, family, wealth, fame

I am a busy man now

But he never understands, he wants me to be with him.

But how could I manage my time for him?

Who will be at the party with my friends?

How could I possibly cancel the trip with my wife?

He has grown old and tired.

What will we probably do together?

Why do he just want to see me and be with me without any reason?

He never understood me!

He never understood me!

Everyday is a different day

The sun rise every day, the sun sets everyday

we wake up every day, we sleep everyday

everyday is a different day

but there’s so many of similarities in everydaysunset-big-orange-sun-setting-over-ocean_0 (1)

every day we breath, every day we cease

every day we please

we please to get what we need, to do what we want

we fight every day from the world,

from ourselves

sometimes we accentuate ourselves

sometimes we conceal ourselves

it’s a long road,

we could win, we could loose

increment and decrement can happen everyday

and every day we are different

we are something which we had never been

we have what we didn’t have

from the sunlight to moonlight

maybe, the breeze blows us away

everyday we do so much similar

but we are different everyday

everyday is a different day













Dear god!

Sending love from earth.

No, my love doesn’t hide a mask

No, my affection doesn’t lie a part.

Yesterday was a different day.

A walk in my street but I walked miles away.

I saw a little angel walking by,

She thought it is her destiny and whispered.

“maybe god was her enemy”

Another street, I could hear them cry,

Endless screams in the silent sky.

Lord give them a reason

For so much of confusion

Where are your angels?

When is the independence season?

Suffocating voices in the walls of open room

I see it all, red and maroon

They close their eyes

And digest the lie.

Mercy my lord! Is written in their eye.

The eyes that dream of dreaming again,

The silent screams that are full of pain.

And my heart aches, to know that they wake up each day

With a story that they pray was unreal.

Far away, there is a place

They call it home

Now, all alone.

Alone they fight a battle

I guess their heart is made up of metal.

Innocent lives searching for a life

Far away

From this red land

Where tears are in plenty

But the throat thirsts for water

They see nobody

But corpses of peace

And they believe with a heart of a rhino.

These hurts will heal

Soon… maybe tomorrow

Sending hope.

Such mad hope,

To the voices that can’t be heard,

To the soul, thirsting for more

And everyday they wake up

With the wound of fear,

Far or near,

Thinking how to save a life

And I am thinking

How to bring them back to life…

Dear God,

Sending love from earth

Yes my love is begging for help

I hope you’ll put life in lifeless bodies

My lord!

And I promise to worship humanity for long…

Your children are asking for help!

Need for mercy

Greed for survival

Help them win

Before they sink in

Kill hate with your love,

Lord! Send a lovely dove

With a message of peace and colour of change

Let the world shine like a rainbow


One of the most confused and undefined word, love!

logoThere’s a word called “fantasy”, Most teenagers dreams of being in love or a person falling in love at the first sight.

There is no such thing as love at first sight, its fantasy, its affection, interest.

Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your love.

Love is an untamed force. When we try to control it, it destroys us. When we try to imprison it, it enslaves us. When we try to understand it, it leaves us feeling lost and confused.

You won’t find love but you will be loved.

Love yourself to love others.

Perceive it’s you who is the most important.

You are never going to find love because love is inside you.

When someone loves you, they don’t give you their love, they just water your plant and make it grow. You nurture yourself with your own love.

One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.

Love is always true, whenever it is shared. People could change, feelings could change but the love once shared is always true and real.

Sometimes when people grow, they grow apart.

Love is not a destruction, giving up your own love from yourself is a destruction.

Any kind of feelings cannot determine that who is the one, if you think he/she is the one, then you are just remembering the good stuff.

Just because you both likes the same bizzaro crap you do doesn’t make him/her your soulmate.

Love is very overused, you can’t ascribe great cosmic significance from a simple earthly event.


That’s all anything ever is.

Nothing more than a coincidence.

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too.

Feeling of a new born baby in your hand,

Glimpse of your sweet sister in a videocall,

Seeing your father proud of you,

Your mothers hug,

From being an unapologetic friend to wiping off the tears when he/she is not around.

There is only one true sight of love, ours.







Who wants a way?

Who knows the way?

Who has the way?

That’s you


The way is like an empty vessel

That yet may be drawn from

Without ever needing to be filled.

It is bottomless; the very progenitor of all things in the world.

In it all sharpness is blunted,

All dust smoothed.

It is like a deep pool that never dries.

Was it too the child of something else? We cannot tell.

But as a substanceless image it existed before the ancestor.

You are afraid of moving, you are afraid of choosing

You are afraid of your dreams,

You hope they don’t ruin everything.

You are afraid of your own people you hope they don’t betray you.

What heart says,

What mind speaks

Why heart is afraid when mind is not,

Why mind is afraid when heart is not.

The fight will never stop

The fight between the heart and the mind

The winner is same every time

That’s you

World most mysterious story is the story of your life

The story where there is only one hero and one villain

That’s you

Not every time you win, not every time you need to win

the only time you can lose is when you give up on your dream or goal.

your life is a book where you can’t skip a single page, you have to turn each and every page to read your palm lines

Are you the moon or a mere blot on it?
Are you the ash, or fire?

You want somebody to tell you who you really are,
why you are, what you are.

on whose shoulder should you cry
if you make a mistake?
For whom should you look in the paths
if you lose the address (of your destination)?

Would you tell the truth or remain silent?
would you open your heart, or break it?
would you cross the limits, or just stop?
would you be stubborn, or just leave it?

Who arose the question?

Who will give the answer?

That’s you.



                     A month in kolkata

I had no idea where I was going

And where I will

But I did know, I’ve always known

I’ll thrive, I’ll flourish

The pain in my valley woke me up to a truth I had been ignoring

I could change my valley into a peak,

When I find and use the good that is hidden in the bad time

My heart said

But the gloom and whimper of my beloved made me realize

I was midget, I was manikin

I wished if I could change my past

Then You could’ve missed the cart, my heart said

Cart, the cart where I am in now

The cart of experience and treasure

In the city of joy, no joy confronted

As the smile was gone and a feeling of repentant was on

Why I did what I did?

Maktub(everything is written), the heart said

The past can do nothing, the future either

Past was joyful and my future will for sure

If what one finds is made of pure matter, it will never spoil

Why always a comfortable zone

Men think more about coming home than about leaving

I took a decision

A decision to do nothing at that point

Sometimes nothing is the hardest thing to do

There’s no city full of joy, the joy is in between us

We will never be able to escape from our heart

It’s better to listen to what it has to say.

That way, we’ll never have to fear an unanticipated blow

The fear of suffering is worse than suffering itself

The feeling of joy emerged

Do nothing was the answer we were searching for
There always comes a valley in between two peaks

A month was full of sorrow and dejection

But there was a meaningful conception.